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April 2007

Song Artist Album
The Mob Goes Wild Clutch Blast Tyrant
Who Wants To Rock Clutch Jam Room
American Sleep Clutch Pure Rock Fury
Rock & Roll Outlaw Clutch Clutch
Careful With That Mic... Clutch Pure Rock Fury
Release the Kraken Clutch Jam Room
Spleen Merchant Clutch Blast Tyrant
Land of Pleasant Living Clutch Robot Hive / Exodus
Mice and Gods Clutch Robot Hive / Exodus
Spacegrass (Live) Clutch Pure Rock Fury
Bertha's Big Back Yard Clutch Jam Room
Escape From The Prison Planet Clutch Clutch
The Yeti Clutch Elephant Riders
Mercury Clutch Blast Tyrant
Big News I Clutch Clutch
Big News II Clutch Clutch
One Eye Dollar Clutch Jam Room
Promoter (Of Earth Bound Causes) Clutch Blast Tyrant
Raised By Horses Clutch Jam Room
Circus Maximus Clutch Robot Hive / Exodus
What Would a Wookie Do? Clutch Pitchfork & Lost Needles
Pure Rock Fury Clutch Pure Rock Fury

Mixtape by Cornelius