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Progressive/Underground Hip-Hop

November 2007

Song Artist Album
Devil's Pie D'Angelo Voodoo
Constance Mr. J. Medeiros Of Gods and Girls
Black Stacey Saul Williams Saul Williams
Sunday Morning k-os Atlantis: Hymns for Disco
Let's Ride Q-Tip Amplified
Nuno Prefuse 73 Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
a little bit more Jamie Lidell Multiply
King Without a Crown Matisyahu Shake Off the Dust... Arise
Runnin' J. Dilla/The Pharcyde labcabincalifornia
Forest Whitaker Brother Ali Shadows On the Sun
Uncle Sam Goddamn Brother Ali The Undisputed Truth
Mojo Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
Sucker Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
Handlebars Flobots Fight With Tools

Mixtape by Ron