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February Fab

February 2008

Song Artist Album
The Night Starts Here Stars
Ventriloquist Love Henri Faberge and the Adorables
Backseat Sweetheart Two Hours' Traffic
Searchlight YOUNG GALAXY
Head Movin' Shapes and Sizes
Summer Special Land of Talk
Bloody Nose Maybe Smith
Sisters In The Struggle Lesbians On Ecstasy
All Fires Swan Lake
Tigris River Jewish Legend
Let 'Em Go Pride Tiger
Listened On Lightning Dust
Jarhand Immaculate Machine
Let's Get Ready To Crumble Russian Futurists
Sleep Today Hot Little Rocket
If You Wanna Go The Western Investor
Let Me In Hot Hot Heat
Two and Two Is Four Shotgun & Jaybird
Love In The Time of Hate The Memories Attack
All Things Gonna Come Back Around Johnny and Santo
Indestructible Sam Buck 65
Polynesia Mother Mother
Secret March The Wet Secrets

Mixtape by Tanya