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January 2008

Song Artist Album
Aquarian Love 28 Degrees Taurus
Avant Garde Music Ballboy
Bring the Noise Brent Runyon
Denny and Michelle The Jet Age
Dog Smoke
From a Tower Love Like Fire
Helen Nizlopi
I Was Thinking John Jesse
In Our Talons Bowerbirds
In the Craters of the Moon The Mountain Goats
Letter to Bowie Knife Calexio
Low Low Thing Marseille Figs
Madder Lass The Cassettes
Method Acting Bright Eyes
Nantes Beirut
RPS Kisskill Destroyer
Waking Life Schuyler Fisk
We Are Co-Existors Bodies Of Water
21st Century Rip Off Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Aidan Quinn Thrushes
Be A Star Oh No! Oh My!
Beat Health Life and Fire Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
Black Dirt Sea Wolf
Dry Drunk Emporer TV On The Radio
ETIHIH Un Deux Trois
I Liked You Better Smart Went Crazy
I Was Your Daughter Basia Bulat
Kids Goodtimes Goodtimes
Murder Me Rachel The National
under pressure Xiu Xiu
Untitled Songs: Ohia
Your Tears Will Drop from the Sky Suishou No Fume

Mixtape by James