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Not a Drop: An Alternative St. Paddy's Day Mix

March 2008

Song Artist Album
Emerald Thin Lizzy
Paranoid State Blood or Whiskey No Time to Explain
The Dunes Ronnie Drew
Great Expectations Radiators from Space
Male Model Undertones
No Right To Reply Striknien DC
Drowning in Bed The Sussed
Pilot Husbands - Stepford Wives The Steam Pig
Dole-Q Scary Eire
I Will Wallow Paranoid Visions
Tin Soldiers Stiff Little Fingers
Monkhouse Generation Of Nothing Gluebag
Listen Margret Toxic Waste
Sad Affair Marxman 33 RPM
Panic Therapy?
Babylon's Burning Runnin Riot
Young Ned of the Hill The Pogues Peace and Love
The Right To Fight Jake Burns
The Ballad of Tim Evans Karan Casey
The Minstrel Boy Shane MacGowan
Tramp the Dirt Down Elvis Costello Spike

Mixtape by Bob