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And: IMP #14

February 2008

Song Artist Album
Zephyr & I Suzanne Vega
Milk & Honey Beck
Pure & Easy The Dining Rooms
Dollars & Cents Radiohead
Diamonds & Rust Joan Baez
Me & U Cassie
Zak & Sara Ben Folds
Stuffs & Things Funkadelic
Rock & Roll Led Zeppelin
Down & Out Cam'ron ft. Kanye West
Jack & Diane John Cougar Mellencamp
Barefoot & Pregnant Joan Armatrading
Father & Son Cat Stevens
Romeo & Juliet Dire Straits
Cigarettes & Coffee Otis Redding
Nice & Slow Usher
Frog & Toad The Bad Plus
Buildings & Bridges Ani DiFranco
Rollin' & Tumblin' Eric Clapton

Mixtape by Rachel