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Urinal Fresh

June 2008

Song Artist Album
Crazy Preacher Rant Some crazy preacher
Little Rebel The Fags No Fleas, Lunch Money And Gold Teeth
Stortebecker Slime
Allah Save Queens Carpet Bombers for Peace (with Jello Biafra)
Homeless Hotel Chumbawamba w/ Jello Biafra
Farewell to the Crown Chumbawamba SHHHH
Drunk Divorced Floozie (Ballad of Diana Spencer) Mojo Nixon The Real Sock Ray Blue
For the Love of Gun Clubs The Flametrick Subs Something in Japanese
Feast of the Mau Mau Screaming Jay Hawkins
Boys from the County Hell(clean version) The Pogues
Scratch Well Oiled Sisters
Riff Raff Casey Neill Riff Raff
Your Majesty Blood or Whiskey No Time to Explain
Adventure Playground Paranoid Visions After the Faction
My Last Idle Death Threat The Steam Pig Deep Fried Obedience
Horses for Courses Striknien DC Horses for Courses
Get Up and Fight The Newtown Neurotics Beggars Can be Choosers
Yn Gyffredinol Anhrefn
Weatherman '97 The Adjusters Storm Warning
Lean On Me The Inciters Doin' Fine
Kick Over the Statues The Redskins Neither Washington Nor Moscow
Thatcher on the Falklands Thatcher
Spirit Of The Falklands New Model Army
Iron Lady Spunk Lads
Dangerous People Scott MX Turner Wrong Kind of Asshole for America
Burn Your Records Yet another crazy preacher
side two
Urinal Fresh Homer Simpson

Mixtape by Bob