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Cause of Death: Punk Rock!!!

April 2008

Song Artist Album
TV show intro Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
The Creeps Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster
Nazi Punks Fuck Off Dead Kennedys Let them Eat Jellybeans
Amoeba Adolescents Adolescents
Media Control The Nuns Nuns
Bloodstains Agent Orange Living in Darkness
violence oriented punk rock music Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
Second Skin The Gits Seafish Louisville
Masochism World Husker Du Zen Arcade
Soldiers Fighting Some Insane War Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
Let's start a war Fear The Record
Damned to be Free Bad Religion How Could Hell be Any Worse
Los Angeles X Los Angeles
Masterplan Plasmatics Beyond The Valley Of 1984
we're artists Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
We Are The One The Avengers Died for Your Sins
Communist Radio The Eat It's not The Eat it's the Humidity
Millions of Damn Christians MDC This Blood's for You
cause of death Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
Police Story Black Flag Let them Eat Jellybeans
Ain't Nothin' To Do Dead Boys Young, Loud, and Snotty
Read these Lyrics Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
Class War The Dils Class War
Manimal The Germs MIA
I'm in Trouble the replacements Sorry Ma...
Brain Police Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
MK Ultra The Testors The Testors: Complete Recordings 1976-79
Catholic Boy Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy
Masturbation Generation The Boys Next Door 7"
Songs about Love Quincy ME Next Stop Nowhere
Love Song The Damned Machine Gun Etiquette
Television Addict The Victims 7"

Mixtape by Bob