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What the Folk?

April 2008

Song Artist Album
The World Turned Upside Down Billy Bragg Back to Basics
casey jones the union scab Utah Phillips Don't Mourn, Organize!
Gladiators Andy Irvine Way Out Yonder
Our Town The Adjusters The Politics of Style
Ballad of Ho Chi Minh Unknown (some Scottish guy)
The Ballad of Tim Evans Karen Casey
San Quentin Mike Ness
Memories of Fire Scott MX Turner You Got a Kalishnakov, You Got a Job
Democracy Robb Johnson
General Lockjaw Briefs the British Media Leon Rosselssn
Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire Chumbawamba English Rebel Songs
My Youngest Son Came Home Today Eric Bogle
Message of Peace Sean Tyrell Cry of the Dreamer
Viva La Quinta Brigada Christy Moore
Cops of the World Phil Ochs
House Gone Up In Flames The Nightwatchman
The Ballad of NATO The Tossers
The Ballad Of John Mc Clean Gerry McGregor
No Gods And Precious Few Heroes dick gaughan
Pinochet & Margaret Thatcher Deb Holland
Custer johnny cash
Dancing on the Ruins (of Multinational Corporation Casey Neill Riff Raff

Mixtape by Bob