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April Apprehension

April 2008

Song Artist Album
Rock To It Shad When This Is Over
In Search of the Youth Crew Cadence Weapon Afterparty Babies
Way Back When Buck 65 Situation
Paris, Tokyo Lupe Fiasco The Cool
So Easy Royksopp Melody A.M.
Let's Get Ready To Crumble Russian Futurists Let's Get Ready
Your Rocky Spine Great Lake Swimmers Ongiara
Run Kathleen Edwards Asking For Flowers
Hummingbird born ruffians Red, Yellow and Blue
New Love Two Hours Traffic Isolator
I feel it all Leslie Feist The Reminder
Weighty Ghost Wintersleep Welcome to the Night Sky
Touch Up Mother Mother Touch Up
The Con Tegan & Sara The Con
A Well Respected Man The Kinks Juno Soundtrack
Radio Fly Joel Plaskett Truthfully, Truthfully
Destroy Everything You Touch Ladytron Witching Hour

Mixtape by Tanya