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You Can Hear Crap on the Radio

February 2009

Song Artist Album
WBAI Scott MX Turner
We Want the Airwaves The Ramones
Radio Silence Rhythym Pigs
Ether Radio Chikini
I Hate the Radio 76% Uncertain
Capital Radio One The Clash
College Radio Consolidated
Radio Radio Elvis Costello
Radio Dies Screaming The Flesheaters
Don't Listen To The Radio Impatient Youth
Radio Rebelle Les Partisans
Pirate Radio Mojo Nixon
Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio The Ramones
Radio Rancid
Guerrilla Radio Rage Aginst the Machine
Liveration Frequency The Refused
University Radio Rockabilly Hispano
Listener Supported Spearhead
This Is Radio Clash The Clash
Riot Radio Dead 60's
Communist Radio The Eat
The Land of Clear Blue Radio The Soviettes
You Can't Say Crap on the Radio Stiff Little Fingers

Mixtape by Bob