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As Seen on TV

January 2009

Song Artist Album
TV Party Black Flag
TV Dinner Citizen Fish
Radiation The Epoxies
Stuffin martha's Muffin Mojo Nixon
MTV Get Off the Air Dead Kennedys
TV Casualty The Misfits
Television, the Drug of the Nation Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
TV II Ministry
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Gil Scott-Heron
Struggle Like No Other The Epoxies
Only Entertainment Bad Religion
TV Ads Paranoid Visions
How to Get Your Band on Television Chumbawamba
Television Families The Cortinas
As Seen on TV Pitchshifter w/ Jello Biafra
Sleepin With the TV On The Dictators
Television Bad Religion
Just Like on TV The Plasmatics
She Watch Channel Zero Public Enemy
TV Screen The Radiators
As Seen on TV Ricanstruction
Television Sect The Sods
Everything Looks Beautiful on Video The Epoxies
My TV is Watchin Me Mojo Nixon
Televison Addict The Victims

Mixtape by Bob