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November Celebration!

November 2008

Song Artist Album
The Elephant is Dead. (Bush) Bill Hicks Arizona Bay
Paint the White House Black George Clinton Hey Man... Smell My Finger
Vote for Hope (feat. Barack Obama) MC Yogi Vote For Hope - Single
Let's Finish Kudu Death of the Party
Bang On! Propellerheads Decksandrumsandrockandroll
Land of the Freak King Khan & His Shrines The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines
Pieces of the People We Love the rapture Live from SoHo (iTunes Exclusive) - EP
Amerimacka Feat. Notch Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game
Think Afrika Fela's Egypt 80 & Seun Kuti Many Things
Like This Girl Talk Feed the Animals
Give Me a Beat Girl Talk Feed the Animals
Harder Better Faster Stronger daft punk Musique, Vol. 1 (1993 - 2005)
Only the Brave Kaya Project Walking Through
The Light Offer Jet Black Crayon Inaccuracies of the Mind Machine
I Am God Negativland Free
Consciousness (Cosmic Conscious) DJ Food Give'em Enough... Dope (Volume Two)
The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) Achillea Buddha Lounge 5

Mixtape by Cornelius