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January 2009

Song Artist Album
Polythene Pam The Beatles
To Get to Sleep British Sea Power
Glycerine Bush
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) David Bowie
Spring Hall Convert Deerhunter
She don't use jelly the flaming lips
Honest Joe james
Upon the Sun Meat Puppets
Radar Morphine
Dilaudid The Mountain Goats
Extraordinary Nizlopi
Polyethylene Part 1 & 2 Radiohead
Judas Sings (Jesus & Me) Robyn Hitchcock
The Cold, The Dark & The Silence Sea Wolf
Gasoline Horseys Sparklehorse
Detriot, Lift Up Your Weary Head! Sufjan Stevens
Swimming Pools Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
Gun Street Girl Tom Waits

Mixtape by James