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Big Screen and Small Screen

December 2009

Song Artist Album
The NBC Mystery Movie Henry Mancini
Olympic Fanfare Noel Leon Arnaud
Rainbow Connection Kermit The Frog
Hey Jude Joe Anderson
Park Avenue Beat(theme from Perry Mason) Ray Conniff
Eye Of The Tiger Survivor
BBC Ming Tea
A Spoonful Of Sugar Julie Andrews
Bam Boogie Bent Fabric
Knight Rider Theme Glen A Larson
Erics Theme Vangelis
The Six Million Dollar Man Earl Nelson
Show Me Your Firetruck Hans Zimmer
Call me Back Mike Flowers Pops
Medical Center Lalo Schiffin
The Ballad Of Davy Crocket The Wellingtons
Captain Scarlet David Gray Orchestra
Theme From Shaft Isaac Hayes
Halloween 2007 Tyler Bates
Dark Shadows Robert Colbert
Underdog W.Watts Biggers
Original Miami Vice theme Jan Hammer
Thunderbirds Barry Gray Orchestra
Jai Ho A.R. Rahman
Twisted Nerve Bernard Herrmann
Emergency! Nelson Riddle
General Hospital Jack Urbont

Mixtape by Trish