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May 2010

Song Artist Album
Intro a Madrid Mana Concierto Basico
Bells of Harlem Dave Rawlings Machine A friend of a friend
Evening Kitchen Band of Horses Infinite arms
Cling to me Jennings
Hey Baby Stephen Marley feat Mos Def Mind Control
Home She & Him Volume Two
Femme Fatale Tracey Thorn A Distant Shore
Mi huracan llevaba tu nombre Panda Para ti con desprecio
En duro camino hacia empezar de nuevo Magnolia y los no me olvides Magnolia y los no me olvides
Looking For A Kiss New York Dolls New York Dolls
Vintage books Could Control Cloud Control
Master of None Beach House Beach House
Vad pojkar vill ha Imperiet Singlar (1981-1987)
zoom Soda Stereo El Ultimo concierto A
Combat Baby Metric Old World Underground
Nick Drape Tape Clem Snide You were a diamond

Mixtape by Carolina