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Devil Sign

December 2006

Song Artist Album
America Spinal Tap This is Spinal Tap
Profits of Doom Clutch Blast Tyrant
Blackmail The Universe Megadeth The System Has Failed
Power Trip Monster Magnet Power Trip
Wake Up Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine
Seein' Thangs DJ Shadow Feat. David Banner The Outsider
Someone's Tryin' To Kill Me Man The Goodyear Pimps Songs That Never Made Us Famous
Civillization's Dying Zero Boys Vicious Circle
New Generation Zero Boys Vicious Circle
Anger Battery Verbal Assault Anger Battery
Shove L7 The Grunge Years
Electric Funeral Black Sabbath Paranoid
Ride With Us Turbonegro Scandinavian Leather
Pissed Orange 9mm Driver Not Included
Supershooter Fu Manchu In Search of...
Stun Pike and the Jack in the Box Buckethead Kaleidoscalp
Sister Havana Urge Overkill Saturation
Hate and Whisky Nashville Pussy Get Some
Gun N a Bullet Putters Fear of Women
Can't Stop These Things China Drum Goosefair
Prowler Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
No Xmas For John Key The Fall The Peel Sessions (27 Nov 78)

Mixtape by Cornelius