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dark alligators fried his hand

June 2012

Song Artist Album
Effigy Andrew Bird
Empty Room Arcade Fire
Emma Blowgun's Last Stand Beulah
Eid Ma Clack Shaw Bill Callahan
Everytime I'm With You Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
Easy Deer Tick
El President Drugstore (featuring Thom Yorke)
Either/Or Elliot Smith
Evil Bee Menomena
Elvis is Everywhere Mojo Nixon
Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficiency of Grace The Mountain Goats
Elevenses neil halstead
Extraordinary Nizlopi
Engineer Pyramid
Eighth Cognition/All You're Left six organs of admittance
Eyepennies Sparklehorse
Elizabeth My Dear The Stone Roses
Exit the Vaselines The Vaselines
Earn Enough for Us XTC
Eastern Sun Yusuf Azak

Mixtape by James