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... Perchance to Dream

July 2013

Song Artist Album
Sleeping Where I Fall Chelsea Light Moving
Sleepless The Decemberists
Sleepless soul coughing
Sleepless Lake Grant-Lee Phillips
Sleeps With Angels Neil Young
Sleepwalker Cloud Cult
Sleepwalkers They Might Be Giants
Sleepwalking (couples only dance prom night) Modest Mouse
Sleepwalking Through The Mekong Dengue Fever
Sleepy River Piano Mick Harvey & Ed Clayton-Jones
Something Sends Me To Sleep Felt
To Get to Sleep British Sea Power
Try To Sleep Low
When It's Sleepy Time Down South Louis Armstrong
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? nirvana
While You Were Sleeping Elvis Perkins
Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus Robyn Hitchcock
The Years, The Fears, The Sleep Defiance, Ohio
You On My Mind in My Sleep Richard Ashcroft

Mixtape by James