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a middle-aged suburban white man's guide to hip h

May 2014

Song Artist Album
Harder Than You Think Public Enemy
Magic Number De La Soul
White Lines (Don't Do It) Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel
Bop Hard Shabazz Palaces
Everything Unwinds Willis Earl Beal
Butter a tribe called quest
Talking Out The Side Of Your Neck Cameo
Just a friend Biz Markie
Mama La Bamba Cashmere Jungle Lords
Suicidal Thoughts/Sonata 27, Op. 90B.I.G. (feat. B Biggie Smalls/Beethoven/Kreiger
99 Problems Danger Mouse
Boyz Beck
I See You Baby Fatboy Slim
Da Da Da Trio
Get Off The Internet Le Tigre
Bird Flu M.I.A.
Regiment Brian Eno & David Byrne
Bloody Poetry Grieves
Vivid Thievery Corporation
Pass The Gratitude Beastie Boys
Bright Diamonds Birds or Monsters

Mixtape by James