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Ghosting (IMP #18)

January 2007

Song Artist Album
Genchildren Radiohead Kid A
Revelation 99 marilyn manson Antichrist Superstar
The Man Don't Give A Fuck Super Furry Animals Outspaced
'Untitled' Add N To X Avant Hard
'Untitled' Bathory Bllod Fire Death
Porcelain Yeah Yeah Yeah's Fever to Tell
Diskobox Beck Odelay
Single Seater Xmas Earl Brutus Your Majesty...We Are Here
'Untitled' Electrelane Rock It To The Moon
An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter Mansun Attack Of The Grey Lantern
'Untitled' Mastodon Blood Mountain
Mosquito Song Queens of the Stone Age Songs For The Deaf
J.L.H. Outro Godspeed You Black Emperor F#A#()
Bucky Little Wing Islands Return To The Sea
Dancehall Blur Blur
'Untitled' Klaxons Myths of the Near Future
Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip nirvana In Utero
Inner Groove The Beatles Sgt. peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Slow Nerve Action the flaming lips Transmissions From The Satellites
'Untitled' Von Bondies Pawn Shoppe Heart
You Fucking Die! I Said... The Pixies Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim
'Untitled' Sonic Youth Experimental, Jet Set Trash And No Star
Evil Dildo Placebo Without You I Am Nothing
'Untitled' Mercury Rev Deserter's Songs
'Untitled' marilyn manson Portrait Of An American Family

Mixtape by Meatbreak