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Indie Pop '89 - '99

May 2015

Song Artist Album
10 Grains De Artsen 1989
Teenage High the pooh sticks 1990
Everything Flows Teenage Fanclub 1990
Five Moments The Field Mice 1991
Dear John Nice 1991
I'll Send You a Postcard Wimp Factor 14 1991
Tom Boy Bettie Serveert 1992
100,000 Fireflies The Magnetic Fields 1992
Forgotten Favorite Velocity Girl 1993
Tomorrow james 1993
So So Sick Unrest 1995
Concrete Soil Birdskin 1996
She's Got the Akshun! Butterglory 1996
Frightening Thing The Cannaries 1996
Nice Day His Name Is Alive 1996
I Love You Like The Way That I Used To Do Rocketship 1996
Seems So Apples in Stereo 1997
Love & Hate The Crabs 1997
Louise Delta Haymax 1997
Paper Plane The Minders 1997
I've Got Wings Ninotchka 1997
I Never Wanted Any of This The Best Wishes 1998
Honeymoon Bon Voyage 1998
Click et Craque Monsieur Mo Rio 1999

Mixtape by James