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My Musical Autobiograhy: IMP #2

February 2007

Song Artist Album
And She Was Talking Heads 1985
Gumboots Paul Simon 1986
Rosewood Casket Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris 1987
Crescent City Lucinda Williams 1988
Shooting Star Bob Dylan 1989
Vogue Madonna 1990
Come to Me Bonnie Raitt 1991
Seize the Day from "Newsies" 1992
Living in Danger Ace of Base 1993
In the House of Stone and Light Martin Page 1994
Roll To Me Del Amitri 1995
A Sound That Only You Can Hear K's Choice 1996
Normal Like You Everclear 1997
We're Not Right David Gray 1998
Your Redneck Past Ben Folds Five 1999
Red Vines Aimee Mann 2000
Is This It The Strokes 2001
What's Golden Jurassic 5 2002
Stumbling Through the Dark The Jayhawks 2003
C'mere Interpol 2004
Lose Control Missy Elliott ft. Ciara and Fat Man Scoop 2005
The Needle Has Landed Neko Case 2006
The Well and the Lighthouse Arcade Fire 2007

Mixtape by Rachel