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Cat in a Bow Tie Mix

July 2006

Song Artist Album
Untitled 1 Panda Bear Young Prayer
Things Are What You Make of Them Bishop Allen Charm School
Cha Cha Cha Sean Na-Na Dance 'Til Your Baby Is a Man
Africa Dream Talib Kweli Reflection Eternal
Hello, it's Me Todd Rundgren Something/Anything?
The Eyebright Bugler Deerhoof Reveille
Don't Dream it's Over Crowded House Crowded House
Nobody's Fault Dios Dios
Care of Cell 44 The Zombies Oddesey and Oracle
Ghost Ship in a Storm Jim O'Rourke Eureka
Alone Again Or Love Forever Changes
Don't Die in Me Mirah C'mon Miracle
Subotnick Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness
On Fire Phoenix United
Yesterday's World Circulatory System Circulatory System
Golden Sun Virgil Shaw Still Falling
Syracuse Pinback Summer in Abaddon
Strawberries Asobi Seksu Citrus
Pussy Footin' the Duke Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral
Room Enough overlord The World Takes
Rubber Car Enon Believo!
Black Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy

Mixtape by Ryan Mixtape