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Stylus Magazine: A Eulogy (Page 2) - International Mixtape Project
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Stylus Magazine: A Eulogy (Page 2)

But before that, there were tears of mirth and some utterly insane exchanges courtesy of the enigma that was The Disexists. I have lots of people to thank on that site for adding extra discourse to the already thought-provoking staff material: GrandBanks, Florenz6, Raskolnikov, Terrorist, CWPerry, BoilingBoy, and loads more. Almost every regular commenter contributed to my Stylus experience and kept me returning to it as more than daily routine. With that, my deepest apologies to writer Bryan Berg, who took my drunken rant on his Tape Hiss feature "Dub Noise" rather well.

Similarly, Derek Miller had an especially powerful and personal way of turning over the calendar with a thoroughly heartbreaking piece of “Year End Thoughts.” But this one? I was pure greetin’ into my mo(u)rning coffee.

I will eternally be in debt to David Moore’s Pop Playground feature "Sugar Shock #002: MySpacing, Part I", which introduced me to Brie Larson—possibly the greatest pop star ever and most definitely my favorite, even though, as far as I can tell, she never actually does much of the Pop bit. After Neon Bible came out in England earlier this year, Brie and I spent about a month slapping Arcade Fire lyrics on each other’s MySpace Music pages, I sent her some stuff for her Bunnies and Traps mag, and she even gave me a shout-out in a subsequent Stylus interview. Very oblique mind, but then she’s that kind o’ gal.

One thing that always provoked strong reactions from the readers and reminded me that I was reading the work of people who knew an immense amount about music were Stylus’s inane and hilarious Top Tens. Some were cruel, others were off-handed, and still others were simply antagonizing. My favorite list was great in and of itself, but also had the best comments ever: Top Ten Most Welcome Movie Deaths.

Of all the articles posted on Stylus, probably the one that has the most lasting impact on me was the Shops We Love feature. Although the actual content was kinda useless to me being an Englishman and not a Californian, the mention of Aquarius Records’ online storechanged everything. Thanks to one curious click, I am now several notes shorter every month with a swelling collection of brain-melting psychedelia of both the multicolored and monochrome varieties.

Over the years, Stylus has given me so much for which to be grateful. Without the site, so many of my favorite bands and albums from North and South America, Asia, and the rest of Europe would have never reached me or would have been blundered years later by the U.K. music press, including but certainly not limited to The Hold Steady, Of Montreal, The New Pornographers, Surkin, Wold, Gui Boratto, The Besnard Lakes, Birchville Cat Motel, Caribou, Richard Villalobos, Villains, Candy Bars, Isoleé, Horse Feathers, and Wolf Parade. Thanks to Stylus’s hundreds of intricate and thorough label profiles, new discoveries were loving placed in context and revealed according to their place within the vast music-business landscape, for better or worse: Anticon, Ajna Offensive, Aurora Borealis, Catbird, Kranky, the Universal Music Group, Rykodisc, Relapse, Facedown, Merge, Touch And Go, Violent Turd.

And, of course, I wouldn’t be a member of the International Mixtape Project today if it weren’t for Rob Lott’s impassioned portrayal of this great, diverse community, which, at the time of original publication, was still a pen-and-paper club run by one guy from his apartment in the States. Wait, I guess it sorta still is.

So Stylus, thank you and farewell. You were truly the greatest music website going, and you will be sorely missed. Keep your archives alive as relic, legacy, and testament to what should be achievable for those you have left behind and those that will come after you.

-- Meatbreak, 11/20/2007


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