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Picture for IMP's Top 20 Albums & Top 10 Singles of 2007

IMP's Top 20 Albums & Top 10 Singles of 2007

IMP celebrates the end of its first year of social networking with a unique gift to itself: year-end lists comprised of members' own Top Tens. Given that IMP has more than 1,200 members from 30 countries, an easy hypothesis was that the list would be dominated by obscure jewels from around the world. However, the driving force behind IMP has always been recontextualization over willful obscurity, so there should be no surprise that these lists are dominated by albums and singles that were just barely left of the mainstream. If anything, we find that indie rock now means more to more people than ever, even in the absence of any truly groundbreaking work this year. So, please enjoy a trip down memory lane to the year that was 2007.

IMP's Top 20 Albums of 2007

  20. Battles

  19. Elliott Smith
  New Moon
  (Kill Rock Stars)

  18. Beirut
  The Flying Club Cup
  (Ba Da Bing!)

  17. Bright Eyes
  (Saddle Creek)

  16. Deerhunter

  15. Stars of the Lid
  And Their Refinement of the Decline

  14. Okkervil River
  The Stage Names

  13. Animal Collective
  Strawberry Jam

  12. Band of Horses
  Cease to Begin
  (Sub Pop)

  11. The New Pornographers

  10. LCD Soundsystem
  Sound of Silver

  9. Peter Bjorn and John
  Writer's Block
  (Almost Gold)

  8. Panda Bear
  Person Pitch
  (Paw Tracks)

  7. Feist
  The Reminder

  6. The National
  (Beggars Banquet)

  5. Arcade Fire
  Neon Bible

  4. M.I.A.

  3. Of Montreal
  Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

  2. Radiohead
  In Rainbows

  1. Spoon
  Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

IMP's Top 10 Singles of 2007

  10. UGK (ft. OutKast)
  "Intl Players Anthem (I Choose You)"

  9. Los Campesinos!
  "You! Me! Dancing!"
  (Arts & Crafts)

  8. Battles

  7. Modest Mouse

  6. Panda Bear
  (Paw Tracks)

  5. M.I.A.
  "Paper Planes"

  4. The Shins
  (Sub Pop)

  3. Rihanna (ft. Jay-Z)
  (Def Jam)

  2. Feist
  (Cherry Tree)

  1. LCD Soundsystem
  "All My Friends"

-- Ryan Mixtape, 12/18/2007