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Loveteam Lobster Quadrille Interview - International Mixtape Project
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Loveteam Lobster Quadrille Interview

Meatbreak - 2007-05-28 07:22:48

This interview is to be published in athe forthcoming June issue of The Lobster Quadrille Magazine:::

We've gone from not being allowed to say Electroclash to not being allowed to say New-Rave. There's a good argument for banning us from mentioning any genres at all and having to rely on oh, I don't know, descriptions rather than soundbites as a means of communicating the sound of a band. But that wouldn't fit in with the hi speed txt speak culture we find ourselves in, while advertisers and journalists would find themselves in need of intermediate levels of nuanced language rather than using pigeonholes to do much of their work for them.

"I imagine people will call us New-Rave because we use guitars and synthesizers to make people dance" says Iain, lead singer, guitarist and founder of Bristol based 3-piece Loveteam. "We're not prejudiced against it, the bands are great and the rave aspect is about people coming together to dance but bands have got to shake off that label."

Bristol has been one of Britain's major dance centres for years, since trip-hop took over everything in the mid-nineties along with Drum&Bass and it is still a Mecca for bassheads looking for deep grooves, but there are bands like Loveteam and the more raging Motorhead-electro of Turbow�ölf who Iain says "are incredible live. The singer has an amazing moustache", that are looking to sex up indie in a bid to claim back some of the dancefloor. Hugh, the band's long courted bassist joined 6 months after Iain and Matt, the electronics wizard of the group, first propositioned when they met him in a club in the summer of 2006. "I saw them play live a couple of times in January and relented" says Hugh. "The dance aspect is a large part of the band and it's got to be interesting to watch. We just want to experiment with sounds and guitars" says the philosophy student matter of factly.

While they have much in common with a band like Shitdisco who also embrace the new guitar dance culture wholeheartedly, Loveteam imbue their tunes with lyrics that are socially antagonistic. Rats n Cats features lines about the hypocrisy of Daily Mail reading business men who would pour scorn on pill-popping teenagers to enhance a night out before returning home to their spouses and popping pills to enhance their 'bedroom skills', but Iain says that their songs are open to further analysis and would "prefer people not know what the songs are specifically about, let them make there own interpretations."

Be that as it may, there is a clearly defined aesthetic to the band and as the dance floor fills with bodies contorting to the sounds from onstage there can little time for cerebral dissection. I ask if there are any additional strings to the bands bow and am met with the surprising reply that one member of the band has already been featured in print. Hugh says "I've been in Cosmo Girl. A woman in the street asked if I wanted to be famous, so I just said "Yeah, who doesn't" and she took my picture, put it in the magazine along with my MySpace page and I got about 500 requests from teenage girls"

It might be a bit late to lock up your daughters. Looks like they're already out there and looking for Love. Team.



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