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When it all seems worthwhile - International Mixtape Project
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When it all seems worthwhile

Meatbreak - 2008-02-08 06:03:41

I've been meaning to post this up for months. 6 months to be exact.

Being in the International Mixtape Project has been a generally non-responsive experience. Making the mixes is always a very fulfilling experience, even when it turns into a bit of an ordeal. For my part, I always reply, at reasonable length if the mix is inspiring enough, but I find it strange and somewhat disappointing that most people never reply to the mixes I send them (well, give or take a few who, quite understandably, would never want to speak to me ever). However, by far the most gratifying reply was to a Not For Resale mix, which made it all the more special / interesting / rewarding / satisfying.

In June I sent Jon in Yorkshire the second of my IMP NFR compilations and he sent me a hand written letter in response. I asked him if it would be ok to post it as an example of how people should reply, and as a kind of letter to all the bands in the mix. He said I could, so here it is. Thanks thanks Jon!!!


Parker - Barbara Turbowolf - Do Me Wrong Bucks & Gallants - Paid Professionals Milk - Don't Eat The Sweets Bearhead - 'Untitled' Kotki Dwa - Pad Shock Defeat! - How Did We Make It So Angry Girls From Egypt - Demons and Liars Old Mayor - Sirens Revenge Of Shinobi - House 1 Vile Imbeciles - Impressions of Sudden Doom Raised On Replicas - D.N.R. Yuchi - Alarms Zettasaur - Papillon The Middle Computer - Eating Bananas Reminds Me Of The Old Days The Cleft Palettes - Stand Up Sonic Curtis - Lucky Star Bay Of Creatures - Witches Of Tunisia This City - Track One Razorface - Kill Destroy Eliminate Dreamer - 'Untitled'


Hey Meatbreak,

Been giving your mixdisc a good old listen. Think I told you 23 is my lucky number so I was glad to receive IMP 23 from you.

Nice opener with Barbara, came just prior to me setting off down Wales for my cousin Barbara's birthday party. Oh the food! & she wouldn't stop cooking it. The more pissed she got the more she felt the need to feed us all. Barbara is nice & whimsical. Music for the cafe at the top of the street where that early Pink Floyd tribute band stops by for tea. Feels seasidy. Do Me Wrong, &nd I'm not being facetious here, has such a fantastic opening couple of seconds. Then there's a bit in the chorus that if it's on and I'm pottering about I have to check 'Who is this?!' Maybe the punk barbers next to the caffi. Bucks&Gallants is the solicitors I don't like to go in. Too hip for me. Milk is a small record shop possibly playing the Wrong Record for me. I kind of like the sound but it just doesn't grab me enough. In the street there's a kid, okay I'm being oldie, he's a young man doing some kind of busk show / street theatre. He drops a Bearhead over mine & it is freaking awesome & the music & what I see through that Bearhead gauze eyes fits so perfectly. I'm guided swiftly down a sidestreet into Kotki Dwa's two-headed sideshow. The Bearhead guy has dropped me into such a great mood that I love this place too especially the bass player (& the mad jump in tempo near the end & the bye bye sideshow accordion). Back outside it's hard for Shock Defeat! To follow the two headed giant. They play the pub next door & old XTC & Talking Heads fans & young Arcade Fire devotees love 'em & even jaded record company folk sign 'em on the spot but I feel grumpy & have to leave. Girls From Egypt is quite the coolest boutique - made by the lead guitarist. You've got to shake the Old Mayor's hand (& pull his chain) but he's quite a gloomy old stick. I seek shelter in House 1 but become restless quite quickly. Vile Imbeciles are a rock pub I don't want to go in. Raised On Replicas is a good little model shop, I like the guitars chipping away. Alarms is great until the singer strikes up. I don't find him shouty enough to be interesting & even his mother wouldn't describe him as tuneful. The rest of the band are good enough that they regrab you when he shuts up. Alarms is a good name for a home security shop. Zettesaur's singer is where Yuchi's should be and vice versa. The Middle Computer has really got something going on. Totally unexpected mix * stand out track. But the Cleft Palettes compliment them but top them. How do they do that? I wish the song subjects were swapped between them. Would love to hear the rapper waxing on the delights of bananas. I'd like to see Curtis live. I bet they so a great night's show. Bay Of Creatures is a pretty good aquaria & ephemera shop. Got this authentic green glow inside I could happily sit an hour or two and enjoy. This City is too much bookshop/clothes/coffee lounge they don't have anything for me. Razorface are quite jaunty (for street drinkers). I haven't done it yet but It'd probably be interesting to put the final track on as I fall asleep.

Sorry I overdid the mixdisc as street metaphor but I enjoyed your mix Meatbreak & wanted to say something about all of it. & Thanks of course. Stand out tracks def Bearhead & Middle Computer & Cleft Palettes. Though Parker's is the most hummable I guess. Y'know I was pretty surprised with your mix for how accessible it was Meat, bits of yours I'd seen on the website made me think I was in for a right ear bashing. A pleasant surprise.

Well Meatbreak, I hope this letter finds you happy & well & lost in music & mixtapes.

Take care & have fun Jon


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