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Take Cover

Bob - 2009-03-07 08:45:22

This is my first blog entry (obviously)?

I was reading through some of Arley's blogs (they are definitely worth reading if you have some free time). I found his most recent one on cover songs interesting. I recently put together a covers mix that someone will end up getting (hope you like it).

I may be in the minority but I tend to like covers (granted many are awful), but sometimes (not too often) I find them more interesting than the original Johnny Cash doing the NIN song "Hurt" for example. I own quite a few tribute albums and have collected many individual cover songs. It's always best when the band/artist brings something new to the song, makes if their own somehow.

I just came across an album by Jeffery Lewis. He did an entire cd of Crass covers in a stripped down folk style. I've never been able to listen to an entire Crass record. I own a copy of "Stations of the Crass" and I find it and most things that band has done almost entirely unlistenable. I say that as someone who listens to a lot of loud, noisy, thrashy music. Lewis makes these songs quite enjoyable and you can hear all the lyrics (lyrics being the best part of all Crass songs).