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Trish - 2008-11-23 20:04:32

Im so happy that there are others that still enjoy trading mixes.some say its against the law.turning other folks onto cool music is against the law? I could see if I was making a copy of an album and selling it on the street but Im not on making a mix of various artists and giving it to friends and family. Have you had folks give you a mix and you get turned on to a band and say you went out and bought the whole CD.The band made 16 plus dollars cause someone turned you onto them.Thats why so many bands are indy.They want their fans to have control not big companies.The RIAA is killing the music industry with rules.Why can rappers take samples to make their music and the original artist wont see a dime?But the rappers are making millions! Thamk you IMP for reingniting a great art form and creating a great club