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my love of music

Trish - 2009-01-17 19:29:01

Music has been a love of mine sice Iwas 8 years old.In high school I had a low self asttem and did know if I would ever find my calling in life! In the late 1980s I did. When I heard my cousins mix tapes he made for his sister wedding I though " hey I could do that!" At first I made them for when I walked and when I started making them for family and friend and got good reviews I knew what my calling was. In the 90s I started helping my friend at DJ at school dances I got the DJ bug! Last year I bought my own DJ equiptment and DJ birthday parties,the school fair and a few benefits. When folks enjoy what I play and put on CD mixes it gives me a high no drug or bottle of booze can provide. I have a healthy self esteem now and found my calling.Making mix CDs and DJing.