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support your local record store

Trish - 2009-04-17 23:51:15

Im sure so many of you flip the bird to this theory but record/CD stores are great!Theres someonething special about record stores your cant find online...the human intereaction.You can be talking about a record your unable to find on CD and the person can get on the computer or the phone to their distributers and find it.OK my last blog did list sites online but try a record store first,Please. You also get to look around and meet a local musician or DJ and other music fans and strike up a conversation.Its also a good place to find local music.Many local bands have CD/albums being sold at a local music store. If your looking to form a band Many post advertisements and musician wanted notes etc. not only are you supporting the local economy but there are many other benefits to supporting your local record store!