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my music theory

Trish - 2009-09-21 18:43:39

I hear folks justify gangsta rap as freedom opf speech.With freedom comes responsibility.Is freedom really free? Being given the chance to record and make music is great. There are many forms of music.Classical,jazz,pop,rock,reggae and oldies, etc.Music in its original form was meant for entertainment and fun.For a brief moment the listener can sit back after a busy day and kick back and relax letting the music soothe their soul and decompress them. other times its meant to join many together to dance and have a good time leaving behind the stress and worry of a stressful work or home life for a while. Then gangster rap came along with its lyrics of gang life and other violent expressions causing its listeners to act out provoke anger. Music wasnt mean to provoke angers and violance its supposed to bring happines,peace,good times and fun. Thats my two cents!