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To my fellow mixmakers( a note of encouragement)

Trish - 2009-11-02 22:37:45

Up until last yeah I wondered of there were others like me who loved making CD and tape mixes. Gladly I found out theres a whole army of us! Thats right a whole army! Some call us music stealers and others call us geeks but mix making is a culture,an art form that truly took off in the 80s when the Dual cassette player came out.It may have started ealier,im not sure. Ive made a few friends since joining IMP and look forward to getting my mix assignment each month and my creative engine revs up. So dont give into the haters and naysayers who say mixmakers and DJs will be replaced by the ipod lets not let that happen!Rise up.Mix on and encourage other music lovers to join our army of mixmakers and we will last ..FOREVER! Musically yours Trish