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looking back ,looking forward

Trish - 2009-11-07 23:25:06

Ive heard it said you can look back but you cant go True!2009 was one one the best years of my life musically speaking. Through IMP I've made a few new friends and been turned on to a few new Bands! Natelie,Aimee,Martin, Cal,Arley and Steve and some of the best mix makers ever!They are also awsome internet buddies. For a while I wasnt sure if Joining IMP was a good idea.A few folks gave me the RIAA scare saying big brother would get me.Then I thought wait a minute once I saw how many folks were in IMP and my fears diminished. Im glad I took a leap of faith and joined IMP. I look forward to more mix trades and meeting new friends who like me love music and turning folks onto what I like ,new and not so new tunes. Kudos to Ryan Mixtape and as Buzz Lightyear might say to 2010 and beyond!forward yoo! Have a very merry Christmas,Kwanzaa Hanuka or whatever you celebrate and a Spectacular 2010! Peace and Love to you all! Trish