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A blast from the past:Old mix tapes

Trish - 2010-01-16 23:10:05

Im sure Ive touched on this subject before so forgive me if I repeat myself.Recently I went into my closet to clean it up and picked up a few cassettes that had fallen off the self.Some of them were mix tapes.I played a few. I wondered what inspired such selections as Britney Spears,The Backstreet boys and Quad City DJs.I looked at the date 1996. The sure It was a mix inspired by a School Dance I used to DJ with my friend Frank! Actually he was the DJ and I was more like the assitant DJ. Sometimes after Dances my creative engines would turn over and by the time I got home I had a playlist in my head and all I had to do was but a blank tape in the tapedeck to get to work. Id tape from CDs and then go to records and them perhaps a prerecorded tape and back to CDs. My Genres back then were all over the road too. Many times my creative process was interrupted my phones calls,folks dropping by,etc. Id have to stop the tape and when I was able to get back to it rewind to the end of the last song and start back from there. If I had room on the Index cards Id write thanks to those who lent me CDs or who inspired the mix. Making a mixtape took about a week for me depending on my schedule.Christmas Vacation tapes took me 3 days at most. My top choices for recording were Maxall 90s and even 100 minute tapes.Id clean the tapes heads ever 2 weeks so my strero didnt get hungry and eat them. As long and hard as making tapes were I was happy when I played it back and it came out perfect.7.5 years later things got easier when I got my computer.