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The greatness of Mixes and mailing them

Trish - 2010-01-24 13:55:48

When I first Joined IMP I didnt know whow long If like it but I LOVE It!I come home from a busy day at work and when I see a brown envelope with my name on it a smile comes to my face and anticipation runs through my veins. I hope the person receiving my mix feels the same thing. I often make mixes for friends and family who are overjoyed when they get them. Music is a powerful force that can lift spirits and bring much happiness to a sullen soul. You come home from a busy day and see bills,junkmail and ..hello whats this?a 6X9 package.A mix!someone thought about sending me a mix!Exhaustion is replaced by excitement and the stress level drops down at the speed of sound.The musics on and all the crap of the days events is washed away! That folks is the power of the mixtrade! Groove on! Trish