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MTV and VH! gone off course?

Trish - 2011-12-21 18:26:53

In the early to mid 60s MYV and VH1 showed music videos.MTV shower newer stuff while VH1 was geared for an older generation. Interest in the Beatles and the Monkees resurfaced once again with showing concert and video footage.a Younger generation took a look at music their Parents grew up with..and liked it! The 1990s saw a rediscovery of big band and swing. the 2000 came along and these channels started to change. a weird thing called reality TV came along and VH! and MTV showed a few but then became invested with them. seldom do you see Videos on either channel anymore! MTV and VH1 forgot their videos! They both strayed from their original mission.So sad!Will either channel return to that which folks loved in the first place?