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built to spill-october 2007 festival vancouver- august 2007 ryan adams & the cardinals- july 2007 bobby mcferrin- july 2007 band of horses- july 2007 the national- june 2007 sasquatch music festival-may 2007 peter bjorn & john-may 2007 great lake swimmer-april 2007 elvis perkins in dearland- march 2007 the shins-february 2007 neko case-february 2007


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le beginning

je ne sais quoi

oh lovely october

i'm late

following a melody

somewhere between yesterday and today

transitions and exits

lovely and empty


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Jen: I think was your May recipient and I clicked that I had received the mix when actually, I didn't. I won't tell anyone.......


You up for a side trade sometime soon? (also btw Interpol's best album is hands down Turn On The Bright Lights)


Interpol is amazing. What's your favourite album by them?


you're too kind, sniff... I like surprises. How about you?

Amber L

Ohhhh....So glad you liked it! it was a fun one. Enjoy!


Cool! I only had to message six Jennifers to find you. Yeah thanks, got some new-band leads from your mix for sure. Call me old fashioned, but I really appreciate the way you editted out the bad language too. Did you edit that yourself or just find radio edits?


A Jennifer sent me a September mix that was great. I'm not sure if it was you, but it was the best IMP mix I have received yet. If it wasn't you sorry, but if you like I'll defy you to make a better mix :D Cheers (in the horray way, not the drinking way)

Amber L

I just put your mix in the mail a few days ago so it should arrive in a week or so


I'm really digging your June mix! The Jens Lekman is great!


I sent your mix out on Friday. Enjoy. -Arsenal


Your picture looks like BC. Are you that Jenn?