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About Me

I started out as a kid, pillaging my folks' jazz and rock records. It was pretty clear early on that I'm drawn to it (did anyone else out there identify a little too much with that movie High Fidelity?).

I usually have several mixing projects going on at any one time. My mixes come in 2 modes: mode 1 is to listen to an artists complete catalogue and then make a mix. Mode two has different bands, though I usually include several songs from an album, so a body can get a more of a sense of where the artist was at in that time.

I also am into dry humor, Coen Bros, Rumi, my roadbike, asian noodle soups, Lynd Ward, stained glass.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Favorite Albums

10 albums that are like a coffeecup of pleasure poured over my heart: 1) G Love & Special Sauce - G Love & Special Sauce 2) Sly & Family Stone - Fresh 3) Stones - Exile on Main Street 4) Mission of Burma - Vs 5) Greg Brown - The Live One 6) Birthday Party - HeeHaw 7) Richard Buckner - Devotion & Doubt 8) Catherine Wheel - Chrome 9) Beou Jocque - Git It Beau Jocque 10) Fishbone - Truth & Soul

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Helmet March 4th Marching Band Sasparilla


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Trevor Tunes 2004

(all-time favorite)

Winter 2007


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Hi Im Trish I can relate.My creatives engines often have a few playlist going at once. If you ever want to do a side trade my email is I look forward to hearing from you!