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We're all big blobs really, deep down

About Me

From Melbourne, Australia. Still getting a handle on what I do and don't like - both music-wise and elsewhere. I love listening to new stuff, so IMP is great for that. But I get very stuck on old favourites too. I love reading & movies & am trying to learn guitar. It makes me appreciate musicians ever more!

Favorite Songs

The new MIA song; Rehab (Amy Winehouse) although it's kind of sad now; Crazy (Gnarls Barkley); Nosebleed Section (Hilltop Hoods); Hurricane (Bob Dylan); Fortunate Son (CCR) because I can almost play it on guitar; Desaparecido (Manu Chao) always makes me happy; as does Bonito (Jarabe de Palo);

Favorite Artists

Francoiz Breut; the Beatles; Manu Chao; Martha Wainwright; REM; most things Australian hip hop (eg Downsyde, Hilltop Hoods, Winnie Coopers); Bob Dylan; the Smiths; Van Morrison (a welcome legacy from my parents); Jamie Cullum; Camille; Prince; Blondie; the Commitments (even though I know they're not real, I still love them); Bic Runga; the Waifs; Silverchair (I finally get the hype);

Favorite Albums

September: am enjoying listening to old school Bob Dylan; my IMP mixes, of course; Phoenix's Alphabetical; St Elsewhere is back on the top played; various French-themed albums; Prince 3121.

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I protest

Just a bunch of protest & semi-political songs that float around my itunes. I like songs that have something to say. It's even better when I actually like the song itself too!

Around the Year

Another exercise in finding songs to fit the theme, rather than the other way around. Hopefully it makes some sort of sense, musically speaking.

Weather with You

Seasonal Tidings

Taking the Lid Off

A bunch of covers that I've enjoyed as much as the originals.

Music to grow to

A Nod to my folks (in an extended sense)

Given this was my first mix, I took up the suggested approach & made a mix of artists I'd been introduced to by my parents & other significant adults in my life.


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Hi - your May mix is just leaving today. Apologies in advance.


I am late completing my March mix which is for you this month, but I will be sending it out soon.

Thomas J

Hey, sorry just got back from vacation and mailing your June mix tomorrow. Very sorry, hope you enjoy it.

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Howdy Meribah, your November mix went in the mail on Nov. 15 in beautiful New York City!


september mix is coming your way. its coming from canada so it might take a while


So it was YOU!!! Thanks for the mix. I'd previously never given Bowie a chance because all I knew were the radio hits.


Hey, just wanted to say that I'm extremely sorry for sending your July mix extremely late. It's on its way now though! Hope you enjoy it. :)


Great mix! I also liked the wrapper paper you used!


Hey Miss Rose. Yeah, glad you like the NFR mix - I apologise again for that Reptile Shrine one, that wasn't very sociable of me. Did you listen to much of it at all? My wife finds that music embarrassing, all painted up littl eboys screeching like their sooo eeeevil or summat. umm...yeah. So anyways...Here's March's NFR mix for you too - www.sendspace.com/file/l61t66. Hope there's some nice stuff in there as well. MxBx


Yo yo yo! Congratulations, you get to be my first assignment. The mix is done and will be sent out as soon as I get paid!! Woot woot.


Hello! I just finished December's Not For Resale mix and thought you might like it. It might make up for the actual IMP I sent you. this is far more sociable. Here's the link to download it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v. Let the demo mayhem commence!!!!! happy holidays. MxBx


Hey, I was looking at your "I Protest" mix. Do you know of any other good political/protest songs that aren't on your list? Our presidential elections are coming up next year, and I'm in the mode until we either elect another idiot or elect another idiot. I'd appreciate any songs you know of. The ones you posted are great. :)


Hey! I'm glad you're enjoying that one! Just looking at your comments here, I'd like to wish you best of luck with the F chord. I'm also a bit of a guitarist, and I remember learning it. It does get easy eventually! then, of course, I switched to a wide-neck nylon string guitar, and basically my fingers had to completely re-learn how to hold a chord. Anyways, Thanks for the comment! - Joe in the 802 (that would be Vermont)


F is still a killer* Think Am, remove your finger nearest the nut and this is my favourite chord of the moment. Dont know what it's called. Also E and Am have you tried sliding the chord shapes up the neck & playing them. Some interesting sounds.Would you ever put a song of your own on a mixtape? Have fun.(& strum) Jon*


Say how's the guitar going? what chord is currently interesting you? Take care/happy strumming Jon*


Your mix arrived today, Oct 13. Thanks! I Look forward to hearing it.


Hehehe....No, you're not rude at all! I do apologise for that mix though I recommend you persevere. It might be 80 minutes of your life that you'll never get back but I doubt you'll ever get another chance to hear anything like it again. It'll be intense but there's beauty in there too. Buckle up. MxBx


Hello. You've probably got my mix by now. I understand if you're not talking to me. MxBx


enjoying your mix... thanks!


You are so sweet to leave feedback - thank you! Maybe someday we'll get down there... Great wine, great weather, crazy wildlife and nature - sounds good...


Hi, I sent your cd on Saturday (July 28th) from California. Hope it doesn't take forever...


I received the June "Music to Grow To" CD. I look forward to giving a few listens. A few fave songs and many I don't know. Thanks.


The Smiths have grown on me as well. "There is a light that never goes out," is really nice.


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