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Elliott Smith

The last mixtape I'll do for a while. I thought it best to go out with a particular favourite of mine. Bye for now.

I Like Games...And I Like You

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

Order In The Sound

Waiting For The Man

Jai Guru Deva Om

Exit Strategy

In Dreams

Ixnay On The Down-low

The Mix Up

It's Cold Outside

Where You End And I Begin

Massivo Explosivo

Good Times At Murphys

Biffy Clyro & 16 Other Artists...


First Kiss

Brick Wall

Highway To My Way

Back to basics.


Part 3 - Mark Lanegan solo, various collaborations, and also some Screaming Trees stuff!

The Incredible Hulk

Part 2 - Music by Tool

Nearly Borderline

Iron Man

Part one of a trilogy based on comic book heroes (that respectively tie in with three big movies of the summer). This mix is based on Iron Man and features the music of Audioslave!

Tempus Rerum Imperator

14 songs for...whenever!

The Last Divide

A Double CD! Side A ending with 'Come Back'.

Ab Initio

14 songs for the first 14 years.


A parody cd!

The Ecstasy Of Gold

A Metallica Comp! No More No Less


A collection of odds 'n' sods

Get On Your Bike And Ride!

Feel Good Fun!

Let Go

A compilation I made in a night. Some things should be kept short & sweet.

Down The Line

Building bridges, maintaining some, leaving others.

For A Friend

This is my cover's mix that I made for a friend, which became my July 07 mix. I made this for my girlfriend too. Personally open!

The Superunknown

The Superunknown consisted of lesser- known artists/songs/both. These songs deserve their moment and are indeed great. The work I put into the artwork almost came to the point of excruciating returns, but I love it so much and it's a fun listen. Anyone who gets this should consider himself or herself lucky!


My first mix for IMP!! Yay!! A gathering of songs that make a strong setlist for a (covers?) band starting out!! No sandman, teen spirit or stairways, but my aim here was to go for songs that were pacey, sharp, varied and made for an upbeat and interesting listen! A kickstart to the summer!


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So nice to get a mix from a fellow Brit, I think your my second in three years! And what a mix! Some great stuff on there - including some old faves like red right hand and bela lugosi. But plenty of 'new to me' tracks to get my teeth into, cheers man


no worries Brian take your time man. by the look of your profile it shouls be worth the wait, cheers *m


Hi Brian I received your mix today.cool stuff.Thank you!Trish


Hi Brian, your June '11 mix went in the mail today (6/25) & should make its way to you in the next 5-7 days. Enjoy! Ashley


Still enjoying the mixes Brian~ Thanks again Jon*


Oh and the mix is great, I found myself pleasantly surprised with the U2 track, "Lemon". And Sheryl Crow's catchy tune works on here as well - if I remember correctly, I used that one many years ago on a mix. Elliott Smith, Queen, Radiohead, etc., I pretty much enjoyed listening to the whole thing and will give it another spin on the headphones for sure. Thanks!


I sent two emails to Ryan, one explaining that I hit the clicked the wrong box(did not receive last month's mix) and apologizing for doing so and another to further clarify the issue. I had hoped it could be corrected so you wouldn't have to deal with it. I should have dropped you a line as well. Sorry.


Hey Brian, I received your Dec. mix today. Will give a spin soon. From the looks of it, I can spot a winner. Thanks + Happy Holidays, etc.


Brian, your December disc was posted from the Antipodes on Friday 10th. With luck it should be in your hands in a week or so. Hope you like flutes.


Brian, Your August mix is being posted tomorrow (1st Sept). It's coming from Manchester, UK so doesn't have too far to travel. Hope it's to your liking. Andy


yeah, the cover. i think i randomly threw some images together for a "thought provoking" collage of sorts. It was a very of the moment king of thind. Funny thing is I didn't save the image so I can't remember what pictures I threw on there... I'm a little curious now. haha.


Hey, received your mix today. Great stuff - thanks!


No worries, I'm sort of in the same situation myself, just posted mine today. I won't hit the big red "NO I DID NOT GET MY MIX, YOU LOUSE" button, then...


hey dude, i just got your message and now i feel really bad b/c i already ratted you out for a missing mix. i'm sorry. i hope you don't get any demerits.


Ignore that last comment. May/June was awful. I just sent your mix out today (Wed. 6/18).


If I was supposed to give you a mix in May 2009, I'd just be really early. Sorry for the lateness, but it should be leaving the states soon. And where's mine, bucko?


Hey Brian, I'm so sorry - i sent your mix a bit late.....keep on the lookout for it though.


Hey brain, Just got your mix and I must say it is awseome!!!! Every thing about it is great, I relally love that you put time and thought into it, and that there is a bit of a background to the mix, I also really love that you took the time to write a letter to go along with it. I have only gotten the chance to listen to it once, but I must say that the overall vibe of it will be great for drawing to!!!! So I just wanted to say thanks a babillion times for this very cool cd :)


Hey there, thanks for the fantastic mix! It's one of the best I've ever received. You are an excellent mix-taper!


Hi Brian, Received 'Mockstars'. Some nice little ditties in there. Keep on ROCKIN' man!


Great mix-thanks :)


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