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About Me

Old fart law student in NYC.

Favorite Songs

Changes every day. First ever favorite song: Car Car as covered by Donovan.

Favorite Artists

Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Rage Against The Machine, Neil Young, The Smiths, Style Council, R.E.M., Tracey Thorn/ EBTG, Richard Wagner (before he went disco), and more. Enjoying Josh Rouse lately, as well as the amazing stuff I get in the mail every month courtesy of IMP.

Favorite Albums

Is This Desire?/PJ Harvey, Life's Rich Pageant/R.E.M., Automatic For The People/R.E.M., The Bends through Amnesiac/Radiohead, White Album/Beatles, many others.

Recent Concerts

Camera Obscura at the South Street Seaport. Perfect late summer concert, and free too.


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Just finished reading Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass...

Man from Omemee

Cranky ol' bastard Neil Young gets his comeuppance in this timely mixtape mix... actually, I have no idea what that means. Still, some great Neil tunes here, by the man himself and a few others.

The Secret Genius of Toni Basil

Save the cheerleader, save the world.

Femme Fatale

Lustrous ladies of love lament, with a little bit of country, R&B, lounge and rock and roll.

Thorn in My Side

Selection of tunes from self-described "bedsit disco torch song" singer Tracey Thorn and the various bands she's been in or recorded with. June version added "Protection" by Massive Attack/Tracey Thorn to the start of the disc.


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Dear Thomas I receive d your 2 CDs today thank you.Cool stuff!Trish


oh my i guess the mix never made it! i shall put another in the mail in the next 2-3 days! hopefully the next will make it.


thank you! and i'm very sorry it was late


Thomas, Nice title for the Tracey Thorn mix. Those of us that appreciate her are stopped dead in our tracks when this mix appears on the frontpage. Steve


Just a quick note. Your mix for August will be in the mail tomorrow. I am usually quicker in sending,but this month has been really busy.Hope you enjoy it.


actually take that back, JAM was a june mix i got. you sent me 3. bullets in battlecreek, thorn in my side, femme fatale. loved them all too!


i found them; thanks. you sent me the JAM cd (one). thanks again and sorry for the confusions.


I lost the label/ case for your CD. Can you give me the artist and songs again? I'm really sorry.


it's alright; my june one's going out tomorrow- ehhhhhh!!! hahahhahaa.