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About Me

i was kidnapped from 1967

Favorite Songs

Young Folks, PB&J Caring Is Creepy, the Shins Kreuzberg. This Modern Love. Positive Tension, Bloc Party Ten Years Gone, Led Zeppelin Lola, the Kinks Lazy Eye, Silversun Pickups I Miss You, Blink 182

Favorite Artists

silversun pickups the beatles BLOC PARTY coldplay death cab for cutie elliot smith interpol led zeppelin nirvana red hot chili peppers say hi to your mom 311 the shins smashing pumpkins sunny day real estate Velvet Underground vampire weekend rogue wave stars

Favorite Albums

X&Y Nevermind A Rush of Blood to the Head Four Minute Mile Silent Alarm Commit This To Memory Louder Now Revolver Transatlanticism The Beatles LOVE From Choas Deja Entendu Hot Fuss Swiss Army Romance

Recent Concerts

vampire weekend 6/14 sonic youth 7/4 DMB 8/21 Death Cab For Cutie 10/06


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tRiPPy MiX

smoke it snort it taste it inject it let it illuminate your mind

Rainy Day Mix

Pura Vida

this was a mix based on my trip to costa rica this summer


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Let's trade mixes.


Thank you for the exzellllent January mix Elyse!


has anyone ever told you that you could be patti smith and joey ramone's love child? can't get much more rock n' roll than that.....


Was bored and just wandering around profiles when I saw yours. I love almost everything you're into. If you ever want to do a side trade, let me know :-)


Oh cool! i think i was around there for a while. and thanks! your music taste is swell aswell... want to do a mix trade? email me if you do


I just got back from costa rica! what part were you in?


Elyse - I'm sorry my mix hasn't arrived yet. I sent it, but it should have been there by now. Let me know if it hasn't arrived in a few weeks and I'll send out a new one. Aaron


( Darth Vader your line is...) "Where are those transmissions you intercepted?!? What have you done with the plans?!?" (and then you choke the Rebel officer and chuck his limp rag into a wall)


"The Death Star plans are NOT in the main computer."