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Can You Do the Robot Dog?

It is of critical importance to know who can do the Robot Dog.

Throwing Rocks and Drinking Red Wine

Some throwing rocks songs, some drinking red wine songs and a few songs that are drinking red wine and throwing rocks at the same time.

Happy for no reason

Three tracks by Sparks may seem rather a lot but they make me happy.


These are the secrets.

Good Times

Mostly anti-social songs I listened to while living in Scotland in 2005.

Dressing up in Mama's clothes

Unusual cover-versions, encompassing disco-versions of the "Jaws" theme, an Edwardian version of "Oops...I did it again" and a Latin version of "Beat it". Also features the mandatory Shatner and a Nimoy.

24: Songs Decrement to Doomsday

A count-down -"24 Hour Store" decrements to "One More Job", ending with "Doomsday Piano". It all takes place in real time, of course, and includes a brief intermission.

Civil Defense is Common Sense

22 Songs bookended by Civil Defense announcements. Tony Bennett asserts, "Make sure you're prepared if nuclear attack ever comes". Sound advice, if a little hard to follow. If you're caught short when the birds are falling, perhaps these songs can provide some small consolation.


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Dan, Without question, Voice Bombs is the best mix I have received. Doomsday Piano has become a local hit. By local, I mean, among my friends who I made listen to it. I can't believe I've never heard the Sonics before. Raw and kick-ass. Well done, sir. My hat is off.


Hi Dan! I've sent out your mix today. Hope it finds you well. :)


Do you ever do side trades??


Hey--- Sorry that your mix is going out a little late. It will get to you, I promise.


Oh damn,I just sent out another. Haha, Oh well, it was a decent mix this time too so enjoy it anyway :) sorry for the delay.


I'm sorry, I sent the mix a bit late, but it should have been there by now.. Sorry again, i'll send out another.


ha ha, no worries i understand the marmite effect of the SP's... my current 'oh my god it sounds like nails on a blackboard' artist is Mika thanks for the tip-off about the beasts, came across some recent live performances on youtube, crazy critters... i like the vibe x