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obsequious, purple and clairvoyant

About Me


Favorite Songs

I like often rejected, gnarly music. Like Sherwood Anderson wrote: "On the trees are only a few gnarled apples that the pickers have rejected. They look like the knuckles of Doctor Reefy's hands. One nibbles at them and they are delicious. Into a little round place at the side of the apple has been gathered all of its sweetness. One runs from tree to tree over the frosted ground picking the gnarled, twisted apples and filling his pockets with them. Only the few know the sweetness of the twisted apples."

Favorite Artists

(see my mixes)

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

St Vincent, Jeff Mangum, The Luyas, Menomena, The Pixies, Andrew Bird and The Decemberists, The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice, Nick Cave, The Builders and the Butchers and Bobby Bare Jr., The Veils, Liam Finn; The Avett Brothers, Alela Diane, Bodies of Water, The Bowerbirds and The Mountain Goats, The Twilight Sad


Currently there are no blogs published.


Latest Additions

2015.07 new purchases and acquisitions

Don't Sing

2015.06 great songs with not so great singers

Indie Pop '89 - '99

2015.05 a selection of indie pop songs from the late 80s to late 90s

Indie Pop '78 - '89

2015.04 a selection of indie pop songs from the late 70s to late 80s

my SXSW 2015


run run run







favorites from 2014





Please Let Me Get What I Want This Time




More Songs About Buidlings


My SXSW 2014






a middle-aged suburban white man's guide to hip h


choral selections


songs for Rick

... Perchance to Dream

more sleeping songs

To Sleep...

sleeping songs


Record Store Day 2013

music I picked up on RSD (or close enough)

SXSW 2013

bands I saw at SXSW in 2013



I Always Want To Be Clean Sometimes.

Red vs. Blue

one song, two song, red song, blue song

a careful economy of words

songs with few but well-chosen lyrics



loud QUIET loud

songs with varied dynamics

dark alligators fried his hand

as much as I dislike the idea, songs beginning with the letter e


songs performed live

Record Store Day 2012

songs from CDs bought on or near RSD 2012


bands I heard at SXSW this year

3 Shoes for 99.99

random, mostly new songs


(mostly) songs with a divine theme

Snow Day

songs to listen to with the snow blowing outside


songs about or including the number 16

Ladies' Night

songs from the ladies

new car smell

relatively new songs

random favorites


all songs produced, mixed, written or otherwise performed by Beck

My SXSW 2011

bands I saw at SXSW 2011

sax + violins

(some viola, too)

i love you so much

mombo dogface to the banana patch?


big beats, crescendos, sing-alongy


yesteryear sounds in todayyear songs

Coming and Going

cover band

the inevitable cover mix

The Color and the Shape


The Drunkards Progress.

not for the teetotaler

Dammit Dammit Dammit

newly acquired music

Summertime Rolls

songs of summer

Radio Killed the Video Star

songs I got from YouTube


a history of mental disorders

Music for Happy Occasions

snappy songs from recently acquired music

Difficult Listening Hour

songs for brave ears

Animal Crackers

songs with animals included


songs that mention chemical substances

Songs for My Funeral

sad songs for my funeral

Songs for My Party

happy songs for a dance party

My Heroes Have Always Been Guitarists

songs with guitar parts I appreciate

Too Cool for School

cool songs

Uncommon Hymnal

songs of a religious nature


spent some time in the hospital this month

Best of Daytrotter

songs collected from live performances at www.daytrotter.com


songs for Jeff while watching helos over an Iraqi sunset

You Can't Get There From Here

- the sounds of North Carolina -

You? Me? Us?

songs in the first and second person

2CDs About 39 Women

songs with women's names, arranged alphabetically

top 40 radio in an alternate universe

Unpopular pop songs

Selections for Strings

violin, cello, viola and bass


All songs have "blue language."

Don't Quit Piano

in which I encourage my sons to not quit their piano lessons

O, Super

Songs in the theme of the superhero.

The Good Thing About Falling

in another dream I'm falling and I can't tell if it's a good fall or a bad fall because all falls are pretty much good until the landing part

Music for Playboys to Play By

I saw this great LP cover somewhere and tried to build a mix around it.


[pol-ee-fon-ik] -adjective 1. consisting of many voices or sounds.

A Little Bit Country

(but only a little)


songs with a French influence

... and you are... ?

songs and bands I didn't know 2 months ago

Bags Boxes Bones

All songs contain bags, boxes, bones or a combination.

Locals Only

All songs performed by Washington, DC area bands. (Admittedly greater DC area--anywhere between Baltimore, Md. and Richmond, Va.)


Songs on this compilation are joined by a common element (instrument, musician, origin, etc.).

I Was Born In Cicago.

Repaint Version

Some of what I was listening to at the end of 2006.


For every song included in 80 minutes there were ten that I could have used. I have favored bands I listened to at the time and songs that tended to get overplayed. This is intended to be a "Greatest Hits" after all.


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James, your May mix should be on its way


LOL. i went on here to find out who to send my march mix to and didn't notice you were actually my april assignment, which i didn't know i had yet. so it's a two birds with one stone month!


your March mix should arrive soon.


Hi James. I got the CD's. Thanks a lot. A lot of new stuff for me; which I like. Good job.


Hi James I got you mixes. thank you so much find out more about me and my music at www.djtrishm.blogspot.com lets do a side trade some day!


Hi James, so sorry - I've been insanely busy of late so haven't sent your mix yet. I'll make sure it goes out early next week though and will send two to make up for it. Cheers!


Did you get that thing I sent you?


aha! I have your Radio Killed The Video Star mix.


your June mix just went in the mail. You're clearly a veteran here, have we been paired up before? I never look at my assignment's profile until i've finished . Yours would have especially made me continuously rethink all my selections.


Hi James, that's an interesting collection of mixes you have there. Do you fancy a sidetrade? Let me know what you're thinking. Danny


Dear James Thank you for your mix.Its cool!Peace,Love and music! Trish www.djtrishm.blogspot.com


Now I apologize for being so late on the fantastic mixes you sent for May which you were late yourself. (full circle). Love the Shaggs!


Hi James. Thanks for the lovely mixes. I've been sleeping all week.


Hey James, The mix arrived this weekend and was well worth the wait. Say thanks to your daughter for the artwork, I wish my house had a rainbow. Cheers Andrew


Hi James, Thanks for letting me know about the mix, I'll look forward to it when you're back up and running. Cheers Andrew


I hope the mixes meet your satisfaction. Let me know!


Hu James I understand my computer I had for 10 years up and died on me in feduary.This things have lousy timing don't they?Trish


James, got the mix. Have only had a chance to give it a couple listens so far, but sounds like some really good tunes. Thanks.


Hey, you're February mix has been mailed, just late. Sorry.


Hey! thanks for the planets mix - some great stuff on there and I love your daughter's artwork too! thank her for me!


All cool James*I look forward to hearing it*thanks for letting me know*Hope yr happy & well*Just lighting the fire here*Then gonna make a mushroom pie whilst Tom Ravenscroft chooses the music*You stay lost in music*Jon


Hi James your October CD left the UK this morning.


Hi James, your December disc was posted from Sydney today (Dec 8th).


Thanks James for Beckanalia. It's just the ticket and I'm enjoying your Beck picks a lot. Steve.


So sorry about not sending out your November mix yet- my burner isn't actually burning... I'll figure out a way to get it to you soon.


Thanks for the mix! I hope you enjoyed your time in the burg.


Thanks for DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT. I was very excited to finally get a mix by someone else who did their own artwork for the cover!


also, I like your artwork. Very cool.


Hi James, I just got a message from Ryan, saying you had not yet recieved your mix from me (July). I certainly sent one, but perhaps it wasn't packed well or something. In any event, I'll get a new one out tommorrow. By the way I'm more than a bit intimidated to send it, now that I've seen your mixes. Your taste in music is fairly impressive. I hope you won't find my mix too lame. Ciao. Valentina


No worries, thanks for letting me know.


James- Got your mix on Wednesday and love it- from the cover art, the title, the theme, the music. Thanks a million! Hope you enjoyed your NYC visit, sans a trip to my mailbox :o) -Jess


perhaps you should listen to the rest of it first? glad to have been of service to your ears, two thumbs up. and always happy to side trade. elly_kinnell@hotmail.com


Hi James, just to let you know that I posted your mix off from here in the UK. Take care Richard


Woke up this morning and there was a mysterious package on my couch. Turned out it was your mixes. I LOVE THEM! I spent all morning listening. Thanks much!


hiya James, you should be receiving your august mix sometime soon. sorry for the delay :) Nat


Thanks for the top 40 radio mix - there's some great stuff in there and lots I've not heard before - it's going to keep me going for a good while - and I forgot how much I like Bonnie Prince Billy too -


Hey, got the compounds mix and I really like it. I'g glad you're not afraid to include songs that were actually hits and not just "indie" stuff. I definitely like both.


Looking forward to them. Bully to you for getting a mix out of "compounds". I'm lousy at the theme thing, myself. Except for broad strokes; I can't seem to make it work.


Hey James: Got 'em. Thanks!


Hey James, sorry I'm such a dummy that I haven't sent your mix yet.. believe it or not it IS finished, I just haven't had a chance to drop it in the mail. I'll get to that asap for you! It's on its way!


Hi James - got your mixtape today, thanks. Listening to it at present :) Will email link to bookshop later this evening. Kim.


Dancing is always a good idea! Coitus with a an actualization of someone's innermost opinions, sentiments and demons? Could be scary.....


you are welcome!


Hello James, I have enjoyed listening to your "A Little Bit Country"-mix.... I think the mix will stay close to the stereo for a while (or maybe make it into the car stereo library). Thanks again, Thomas.


I should be sending the mix out tomorrow. Yep I'm going to make it in January in the nick of time . . . Luckily though the CD doesn't have to travel too far. Though I fear for anyone/thing who has to navigate down I-66. The horror!


I obviously don't log onto the site enough. Loved the theme of the Blue Album. Can't listen to it with to many friends though. Anyway, thanks for the interesting music as I grew up on top 40 pop. J.


Hey James, I'm glad you like the mix! Have an amazing 2008! Corina


Hey James, many apologies for the lateness of the mix. I am sending it out today (December 6, 2007), so it should get to you by next Saturday at the latest (hopefully).

Son of Ravyn

Thanks, James, but the piece has actually already been printed. If interested, you may view it at www.houstonpress.com

Son of Ravyn

Hi there. In addition to being IMP member, I am a freelance music writer. I have been working on a feature article on the IMP for my local alt-weekly, The Houston Press. I was wondering if you might allow me to ask you a few questions: How long have you been an IMP participant? Do you know Ryan outside of the IMP? Were you a mixtaper prior to participation in the project? Why do you make mixtapes? Do you get more out of making mixtapes or out of receiving them? Have you found IMP to be a good source for discovering new music (even if that would be old music thatâs new to you)? What is your occupation? How much time do you spend, on average, per Mixtape? Do you feel that artwork is an important part of a Mixtape? Would you recommend IMP to others? In addition to these few questions, anything youâd like to add would be more than welcome. Feel free to be as loquacious or succinct as you like. Thank you very much for your help, N

Son of Ravyn

You should check back; I actually HAVE track lists posted, now.

Son of Ravyn

Hey, James, thanks for the mix. Was this in part related to my posted mixes that I made for my daughters? It was an interesting counterpoint to the point I was making by sending those mixes, whether or not it was intentional. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look at my April? mix(es).


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