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About Me

Hi! I'm Erin of I am many shades of zany and maybe best described as bi-polar.

Thats me on your left. Don't i look just like a bobble head? That binge and purge diet works wonders!

UPDATE! The atomic swirly podcast is now available for download! Go to and subscribe today!

Visit me on myspace!

Favorite Songs

Top 5 all time favorite songs:

1. Burma Shave by Tom Waits

2. Dyermaker by Led Zepplin

3. Seein' Her by Paul Westerberg

4. Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan

5. Starlight by Muse

Favorite Artists

Top 10 all time favorite artists (can't narrow it down to 5, I've tried!)

1. Bob Dylan 2. Clutch 3. Joshua Radin 4. Diamond nights 5. Tom Waits 6. Elliott Smith 7. Rolling Stones 8. Ike Reilly 9. Of Montreal 10. Amy Winehouse

Favorite Albums

Used Songs 1973-1980 by Tom Waits

Recent Concerts

Clutch (May 17th) at First Ave in Minneapolis. It was pretty drunk out. I woke up with the bands autographs all over my chest. That would have been pretty embarrassing had I remembered it....

MSI is coming to town is Sept! Yippeeeee!


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Color My World

All the beautiful colors of the rainbow!

Randomly Favorititis

15 of my favorite songs. No particluar order, no particluar genre (however it mostly came off my alternative and rock catagories) Enjoy it!


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I am often happy as a tiny school girl too.