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WWJD? what would Jeff Dig

About Me

Hi. It's me 41 year old Seattle Resident. Travelled a bit, stayed awhile. Came back. Beat the odds by marrying a friend from middle school and staying that way for 13 years. Made a little girl (had some help). She's 7 now. Her favorite band is the beatles "And Your Bird Can Sing" and "Hey Bulldog" are her favorites. I play bass and have for many a year. I've played Rock, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Jam, Improv and a whole hell of a lot of noise. My wife does Middle Eastern Dance. Used to be an avid tape trader but now I content myself on just passing music on. I think of a person, I think of a band, I get the two together. This is more of that. Be Well!!!

Favorite Songs

Lifeline - Wishbone Ash / Soul Sacrifice - Santana (Woodstock version) / Gimme Some Lovin', I'm a Man, Can't Find My Way Home - Steve Winwood / Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles / One More Red Nightmare - King Crimson / Inca Roads - Frank Zappa / Estimated Prophet - GD / Giftland - Motorpsycho (from Norway) / Right Off - Miles Davis / Get Ready - Rare Earth (live. Excellent jam session)

Favorite Artists

Wishbone ash / Frank Zappa / Can / Budgie / Grateful Dead / NEU! / BOC Pink Floyd (Piper to Animals) Motorpsycho / Bozzio, Levin and Stevens King Crimson / Adrien Belew / Psychodots Jethro Tull / Hawkwind / Kyuss / Spirit Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac / Miles Davis / Grand Funk Railroad / Humble Pie UFO / Firewater / Deep Purple / Traffic Zony Mash (and all things Wayne Horvitz) Ramones / (early) Chicago / Tangerine Dream / Uncle Tupelo / Jay Farrar

Favorite Albums

Just Testing - Wishbone Ash / Phanerothyme - Motorpsycho / Angels and Deamons at Play - Motorpsycho/ One Size Fits All - Frank Zappa / Red - King Crimson / B'boom - King Crimson / Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead / Workingman's Dead - Grateful Dead / Live at Pompeii - Pink Floyd / More - Pink Floyd / Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull / Anthology - Uncle Tupelo / Live Album - Grand Funk / Some Enchanted Evening - BOC / Live at the Boston Tea Party 1970 - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac / Spartacus - Triumverat / A Tribute to Jack Johnson - Miles Davis /

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2007-06-11 21:22:00



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I got the July mix you sent. I like it, but it doesn't say any of the artists...?