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Yep I had you for November and it got returned. New address?

Son of Ravyn

I second the question below. Please let us know you got our mixes; we put a lot into these things.


did you ever get mine? do you exist? do you exist? do you exist?

Son of Ravyn

Do you actually exist?

Son of Ravyn

Hey. I got a note saying you got my mix. Is it true, or just appeasing the IMP gods and giving my late ass time?

Son of Ravyn

In mail yesterday. Hopefully arriving in about 10 days. Let me know, will you?

Son of Ravyn

Hi there, Dierdre. I'm the loser who hasn't sent your July mix yet. I'm behind quite a bit since my daughter killed my computer a few months ago. I still haven't really caught up! Anyway, I'm done creating your mix, artwork, etc. I just need to burn it and post it. Hopefully, this will happen in the next few days. Thanks for understanding.


Hi, did you ever get the June mix I sent? (All My Heroes Are Weirdoes, Atlantis to Interzone, etc etc etc)