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About Me

I have an insatiable appetite for sound. I am 6'8". I don't feel big. I am from Iowa. I live in Seattle. I am a graphic designer. I like rain. I like sound. I take lots of photos. I use film cameras. I am middle class. I don't have a cell phone. I love my wife. I love our cats. I like sushi. I am part of the problem. I like art. I like sun. I like animals. I like cocktails. I miss my cat. I work. I don't like public speaking. I like night. I like to see. I eat animals. I have problems. I am creative. I like trying. I don't like meetings. I like politics. I hate politics. I like black & white. I don't like neo-cons. I get depressed. I like avant-garde. I am introspective. I like color. I don't know why. I constantly battle time. I like film. I like truth. I like abstract. I am always in process. I like rock. I drive a 1962 Ford Falcon. I don't like killing. I don't want children. I am currently killing time. I like peace. I like punk. I feel. I like design. I am always in progress. I like folk. I like funk. I like sex. I like water. I like liking. I am human. I like experimentation. I like to eat. I digress. I like soul. I have a soul. I like birds. I have second thoughts. I like pigeons. I like to draw. I like jazz. I like country. I don't like authority. I poop. I like my country. I like typography. I am tired. I like creation. I think we need to lighten up. I don't like ego. I don't like religion. I like music. I don't think we know what we are doing. I like you.

Favorite Songs

I am too fickle.

Favorite Artists

I have too many.

Favorite Albums

I wonder if you care.

Recent Concerts

I saw my friend's band.


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Hi Jay I would like to do a side trade with you.please drope me a line via email and we'll exchange addresses please mention imp ot mix trade in the subject line so I knows its not spam thank you! Musically yours Trish

Jane Everyman

I feel like I might be in love...


Make that THREE self-titled albums. See how confused I am?


Nice to hear that you enjoyed my mix! I am a gigantic Caetano Veloso fan, and if you want to get more into him, I would highly recommend his earlier, more experimental stuff. My two favorite albums are Transa and his self-titled album from 1968 (sometimes called Tropicalia--he put out two self-titled albums in a row just to confuse everyone). Happy listening!


Brown liquor, eh? That sounds intriguing and disgusting all at the same time.


Did you get my mix yet?


What's your favourite cocktail?